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Become a Diplomat or Honorary Consul
in a legally secure manner
- no prior experience required


About Us: Empowering Your Diplomatic Journey


Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Your Network, Business, and Career Today. Don't wait for opportunity - create it

Establish robust international solutions for you and your family

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Amidst epochal global shifts, creating privileged international solutions has never been more crucial. It's time to protect your family, assets, business, health, and freedom. Don’t just survive these changes - leverage them.

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Empower Your Future: Learn how to secure Your Diplomatic Status

Embark on a journey to becoming a diplomat in a legally secure manner and unlock a world of privileges:

  • Diplomatic status with full immunity: Safeguard yourself in every situation

  • Diplomatic passport and legitimation card: Access global opportunities

  • Diplomatic License Plates: Stand out wherever you go

  • Enhanced personal and business network: Connect with high-level contacts

  • Privileged business opportunities: Discover untapped potential

  • Tax optimization: Make the most of your financial standing

  • Invitations to high-level events: Rub shoulders with the elite

  • International prestige and reputation: Elevate your global status

  • Valuable expertise and resources: Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge

  • Optimized positioning in a changing global landscape: Stay ahead of the curve

  • Asset protection: Safeguard your investments

  • Protection against possible criminal prosecution and civil proceedings: Maintain your peace of mind

  • Choose your residence state, inclusive of privileged status: Your world, your rules


Future-proof your life: Start your journey to becoming a diplomat today



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Step into the Role of Honorary Consul: Secure your future, enhance your network, and elevate your status, all in a legally secure manner


As an Honorary Consul, you unlock:

  • Consular status with selected immunities: Navigate with confidence

  • Official legitimation card: Access exclusive opportunities

  • Consular License Plates: Announce your status globally

  • Expansive high-level personal and business network: Connect with the influential

  • Privileged business opportunities: Venture into uncharted territories

  • Invitations to high-level events: Immerse in elite circles

  • International prestige and reputation: Make your mark in the global scene

  • Valuable expertise and resources: Equip yourself with comprehensive knowledge

  • Optimized positioning in a changing global landscape: Stay ahead, always

  • Asset protection: Guard your investments

Seize Consular Power: Embark on your Honorary Consul journey today.

Influence awaits

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The world is undergoing epochal change

Secure your privileged positioning in a changing world

  • Can I become a Diplomat or Honorary Consul without any previous experience?
    It is possible to become a Diplomat or an Honorary Consul even if you have no specific prior experience. In our knowledge products, we explain how to become a Diplomat in a legally secure manner. We provide you with the knowledge you need to become a Diplomat or an Honorary Consul in a legally secure manner. Our knowledge products provide you with knowledge, which is hardly available anywhere in the world. provides the relevant knowledge on how people with no previous experience can become a Diplomat or an Honorary Consul in a legally secure manner.
  • Can I work with Diplomat Academy to become a diplomat or honorary consul in a legally secure manner?
    Yes, in principle this is possible. However, we have limited time slots available, which is why we can only work with few candidates. Please contact us via our Contact Form or We encourage candidates to complete our courses beforehand since a certain understanding of the matter is expected.
  • Is it possible to buy a diplomatic passport?
    Diplomatic passports are not a commodity that can be bought. They are issued on the basis of a person's official status by the relevant authorities of a country. If a person does not actually have this status, it is a worthless document, the use of which may have legal consequences. Misuse or forgery of a diplomatic passport are criminal offenses. A diplomatic passport is merely a travel document and does not in itself provide immunity.
  • How can you recognize fraudulent offers on the Internet?
    Unrealistic promises: There is talk of being able to buy or broker offices or titles, diplomatic passports and such are offered for sale. Undifferentiated view: They speak of simple solutions. The subject is highly complex. There are no simple, sustainable solutions. Urgent need for action: A situation is created in which action must be taken quickly. Unsecured websites: Dubious-looking websites. Missing/incomplete contact information: Information about a legal entity behind the offer is missing or does not actually exist. Advance payments/money transfers: Money is requested in advance. Spelling/grammatical errors Lack of clear terms/contracts Trust your gut feeling
  • What are the advantages of being a Diplomat?
    The subject is extremely complex. They enjoy Immunity from prosecution in the receiving state. Diplomatic immunity for property and communications. Tax exemptions and benefits. Customs exemptions for personal property and vehicles. Access to private and international institutions. Privileges of entry and residence in the host country. Family privileges for diplomats and their family members. Right to diplomatic courier mail. Use of special diplomatic license plates. etc.
  • How can I become Honorary Consul?
    It is possible to become an Honorary Consul with no prior experience. In our knowledge products, we explain how you can become an Honorary Consul in a legally secure manner.
  • How to get a diplomatic passport?
    It is possible to obtain a diplomatic passport in a legally secure way. A diplomatic passport is not a commodity and therefore cannot be purchased. It is a document and unlawful creation, acquisition or use has significant legal consequences for the holder.
  • How can I get diplomatic immunity and privileges?
    You can't buy these immunities and privileges. One must hold the corresponding office in order to have the corresponding immunities or privileges.
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