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Purchased Diplomatic Passports won't establish diplomatic immunity or diplomatic status

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Purchased diplomatic passports are usually ineffective because they are illegal and have no official recognition or legitimacy. There are several reasons why purchased diplomatic passports are ineffective:

Lack of legal basis: diplomatic passports are issued by governments only to their official representatives in the diplomatic service or to individuals with specific diplomatic functions. Purchasing a diplomatic passport bypasses this process and has no legal basis.

Forgery and Fraud: Purchasing a diplomatic passport usually involves using forged documents or tampering with existing documents. This is a violation of the law and may result in criminal penalties.

No diplomatic immunity: genuine diplomatic passports are issued to diplomats to grant them diplomatic immunity and privileges. Purchased diplomatic passports provide no such immunity or legal protection. In the event of litigation or criminal prosecution, holders of purchased diplomatic passports do not have diplomatic immunity and may be brought to justice.

International Cooperation: Diplomatic passports are the result of international agreements and arrangements between states. They are recognized and respected by other countries. However, purchased diplomatic passports have no international recognition and do not provide access to the diplomatic channels and privileges associated with legitimate diplomatic passports.

Criminal Consequences: The purchase or use of counterfeit or illegally obtained documents, including a diplomatic passport, is illegal. Individuals who acquire or use such documents may face criminal penalties such as fines or imprisonment.

It is important to note that genuine diplomatic passports are only issued to individuals who serve in diplomatic or consular capacities and have been officially appointed by their government. Buying or using a fake diplomatic passport is illegal, invalid and can have serious legal consequences.

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