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Does diplomatic immunity protect against any criminal prosecution?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Diplomatic immunity protects diplomats from prosecution, even in cases where they may have committed serious crimes.

One example is the Kurdish murder affair in Vienna in 1989, in which four Kurdish activists were murdered in a Vienna hotel. One of the suspects was then-Turkish diplomat Cetin Görgü, who was accredited as deputy consul general in Vienna.

Although there was clear evidence of Görgü's involvement in the murders, he could not be prosecuted because of his diplomatic immunity. Austrian authorities were unable to arrest him or bring him to justice. Ultimately, he was recalled by the Turkish government and returned to his home country without being held accountable.

This example illustrates how diplomatic immunity can allow diplomats to escape prosecution even when there is clear evidence of their responsibility for serious crimes. Such cases can lead to frustration and controversy, as victims and their families cannot obtain justice when diplomats enjoy criminal immunity.

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